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Author Notes:

JuicyGrey 13th Sep 2017, 12:34 AM edit delete
Yep, break is now over. Comic will return on a next monday...

Stuff contained here is now moved to storage. Well, answered questions were anyway, which should be appear 3th dec.

Remember, you can ask questions from character anytime, but you need wait until I take another break before they are answered.

Also guest comics are accepted around anytime of year, and kept ready until break is required. Guidelines for them are:

-Width 620 pixels, no less, no more. Height can be practically anything practical.
-Less than 512 kbytes (would liked go 256kb, but none of you probably can manage it).
-Should be more or less about The Metallic, naturally.
-Work Safe, more or less.
-If you want do multipages, 3, 5 and 7 are rather easy spread around the week.
-I like them PNGs, but can accept JPGs too, albeit not recommending using them.
-ZIP them, upload and give link to file through PMs. I'll handle rest.

Also check comic of Kevtrev, author of Sean & Bailey. We did small collab together while ago.